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EmmoLei Sankofa is an American composer, singer-songwriter, record producer, sound artist, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, CA. Her work stretches across music, visual media, and fine art.

EmmoLei founded Bèl Son, a creative audio collective, in which she has worked with some of the best emerging filmmakers on a wide variety of award-winning films and visual media projects for top brands. Her most notable film projects as a composer include: Power Women, a documentary commissioned by NIKE in London and directed by Rhea Dillon; Parallax, starring Deron Horton from Dear White People (Series); Kitchen, a film by media powerhouse BLAVITY and featured in the Oakland Museum of California; and, Transcendent, directed by Emmy-award winning animator Sekani Solomon and highlighted on Trinidad’s CNC3 TV network. EmmoLei has scored films that have been screened at HBO, Lionsgate, and Warner Bros., as well as film festivals in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Savannah, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Laughlin, and Fayetteville, North Carolina.

EmmoLei’s discography encompasses over sixteen independently released albums, EP’s and singles collectively. Her sound embodies a mixture of genres but often integrates elements of soul, jazz, classical, and rhythm and blues. EmmoLei and her work have been featured on a variety of platforms, including LANDR, Saint Heron, OC Weekly, The Recording Academy, GenderAmplified, Billboard, and more.


The past is great, but the present is greater. Ask someone else what I have done. Ask me what I am doing. The bulk of my work involves music and sound. It is often married to moving pictures, but stands quite well on its own. Do I create things that sound beautiful? Depends on who's listening. My purpose, for now, is to challenge the place in which your ears have found comfort and disrupt the place in which your perspectives have settled.