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Declinazioni - Premiere Broadcast + Artists Q&A

Declinazioni - Premiere Broadcast + Artists Q&A

Declinazioni is a collaborative performance curated by composer and sound artist Marco Caricola (Bari, Italy) and featuring 28 artists from across the world coming together to create a collective musical piece through a long form, structured improvisation. Each artist joins the composition with a personal visual feed from their surroundings and performs for a fixed period of time alongside other artists, with new artists joining and leaving every minute. The piece features artists from Atlanta to Stockholm, Lisbon to Berlin, and everywhere in between. Continue watching after the broadcast for a live Q&A with a few of the artists, including EmmoLei Sankofa, Rebekka Karijord, Drum & Lace, and Marco Caricola, and moderated by Arbel Bedak. This premiere broadcast and Q&A is presented by Spectra Creative Agency. For more information and to view the roster, please visit Performance run time is 40 minutes, followed by a 25 minute Q&A. *Please note that this was a live broadcast and includes a few technical issues, so apologies that Marco's introduction can't be heard, but we hope you enjoy the performance, and the issue was fixed for the Q&A. Thanks for watching! About Declinazioni A sound tissue that, starting from Bari, braids its threads across artists around the world. Declinazioni is an international experiment in musical coproduction, that will be internationally broadcasted on Thursday, July 1st at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 6pm CET. Curated and produced by Marco Caricola, sound artist and composer born in Bari, Declinazioni is a one of a kind event that unites 28 musicians across the world in the creation of a collective musical piece: through a long form structured improvisation, talents from cities like Bari, Rome, Milan, Berlin, Lisbon, Los Angeles and New York connect and juxtapose their sonic individualities. Each artist plays for a fixed limited time, and joins the composition with a personal visual feed from their surroundings. Declinazioni is the debut project by POST Sound, an open research and production group born in Bari under the art direction of Marco Caricola. The group was founded with the main purpose of creating a new community with whom rebuilding the local arts and culture sector under the principles of shared knowledge and co-design. The research is indeed geared towards re-establishing a dynamic production ecosystem in place of fruition-oriented arts consumerism, towards forming and professionalising talents in the field of sound. It is with such spirit that POST Sound launches its open call to musicians, sound designers and engineers, all audio professionals near and far who are willing to unite, starting from the city of Bari and the Apulia region, in co-designing and building new initiatives related to sound all its declinations.